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Our consultants are specialists in particular areas of financial advice and planning, such as life and property and car insurance products, retirement savings products, as well as investment and loan products with a special focus on home ownership finance. The combination of these products and a personal approach to each client enables us to develop an individual financial plan, which is the basis for further beneficial and long-term cooperation.

Where employee benefits are concerned, our consultants work with our corporate clients to ensure the satisfaction of their employees, make presentations on employee benefits and also provide reporting to the company’s HR and payroll departments.

Since the beginning, we have been working with Broker Trust, a group of like-minded professionals and companies, providing them with legal and information support for their activities.

This allows us to focus solely on our work and the maximum satisfaction of our clients. We are registered as a subordinate insurance broker, a tied investment broker and a tide credit broker.

We broker investment products as a tied agent registered in the CNB register under registration number 27392490 and also registered as an investment broker under Broker Trust, a.s. ID: 26439719.

We broker insurance products as a subordinate insurance intermediary registered in the CNB register under number 162833PPZ and also registered under the insurance agent Broker Trust, a.s. 032585PA.

We broker consumer loans as a tied agent registered in the CNB register under No. 27392490 and also registered under the independent consumer credit broker Broker Trust, a.s. ID: 26439719

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