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Employee benefits

Are you a business owner? Do you decide what financial benefits to offer your employees? Or are you wondering if you have your benefits program set up correctly? Contact us for a consultation! We will audit your existing benefits plan, compare it with market practice, prepare a proposal for changes including costing and savings, or design a whole new plan for your company. You’re not so small that it’s not worth it, and you’re not so big that you don’t have to worry about benefits for your employees! Contact us for a no-obligation meeting!

Scope of services

  • Benefits plan design – designing the structure and rules of the benefits plan based on client requirements, market experience, industry experience and competitors in the labour market
  • Choosing a benefits plan provider based on the defined parameters
  • Communication to company employees
  • Implementation of the benefits plan, including overseeing the entry of employees into the benefits plan (conclusion of framework agreements and contractual documentation of employees, negotiations with product suppliers)
  • Administration of the benefits plan including individual advice to employees

Benefits consulting in the Czech Republic

  • Brokerage services focus on pension plans, life insurance (individual with employer contribution/group products), other insurance products, private healthcare
  • Market trends, legislation (pension reform, …)

Objectives of benefits projects

  • Setting up a benefits plan competitive on the labour market
  • Cost-effectiveness (conditions for providing benefits, tax aspects, …)
  • Benefits valued by employees
  • Achieving savings for employers

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